PFB Connect

In order to get to the essence of where you want to go, you have to ask the tough questions. Our straightforward and open approach encourages meaningful change to be implemented while creating real connections and influence.
Patty Briguglio uses her years of experience and high level thinking to push your business forward. Influence is simply the effect of lining up the right people in the right direction, and PFB has the considerable relationships to make the introductions to key players possible. PFB Connect identifies and crystalizes opportunities for leaders and organizations that want to connect for growth, and we accomplish more in one phone call than others do with a month of meetings.
Our business development skills, combined with knowledge and partnerships in mergers and acquisitions, enable us to identify opportunities to assist the growth of your business. We will analyze and provide you with a thorough understanding of the market landscape to chart a course to meet your business-specific goals.


· Identify – We can confidentially identify strategic buyers who will pay the most for your company, specifically focusing on personal services and technology firms with annual revenues up to 50 million.


· Recommend – Once we have clearly established your business goals and objectives, we will recommend a wide variety of acquisition targets.


· Grow – PFB Connect’s business consulting side uses strategy, connections, and influence to help your business grow and be competitive in the market. We use our experience and expertise to help you grow through acquisition, build a viable business, and increase brand competition.