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The Millennial Handbook

A Survival Guide for Millennials in a Boomer World


After I sold my company, my former employees had periodic reunions, in which I was included. They told me the same things over and over; they were worlds ahead of their peers in their careers because of the training and guidance they received at my firm. Once they moved on to new organizations, my advice set them so far apart from their counterparts that their new boss couldn’t help but notice the difference in their performance and attitude from other Millennials.


They urged me to write a book. This book.


When I entered the workforce almost 40 years ago it was at a time when there were millions of Baby Boomers competing for jobs, sometimes not in a nice way. This affected how we learned to manage, behave, and interact with others in the workplace. Fast forward to 10 years ago. I have a company full of Millennials and have come to a simple realization: the old methods of managing, working, and interacting with people of this generation, aren’t going to cut it. Much of what I have learned has come from trial and error, along with extensive research. I have studied and interviewed Millennials and I have blended those findings with tried and true lessons that everyone needs to learn to be successful in their career.


Today’s workplace is in a flux. While it is working its hardest to incorporate Millennials, it just isn’t there yet. If you are a Millennial and want to advance in your career, you need to adapt to the workplace that is in place today and realize you don’t know what you don’t know. Now, some of you will certainly say “Patty, you’re mean, judgmental, and snarky. A few of you have already learned many of these lessons. Others among you may recognize some of the behaviors outlined in the book and choose to adapt or ignore what I suggest. Truly, the choice is yours, but I guarantee that any Millennial that reads this book will come away with sound advice that can be immediately applied.


Someday, Millennials will rule the world. But not today. Boomers are still in charge. If you want to get ahead, succeed, and smoke your peers; you will adapt to the workplace as it is now – not 10 years from now. Don’t wait 10 years for the workplace to catch up to you. Adapt and thrive. The Millennial Handbook is your guide for success in the Boomer world.