Influencing Key Stakeholders, Potential Clients, & Everyone In-Between



PFB will create an organizational structure for your business that optimally aligns your resources, both internally and externally, to assure that you’re heading in the right direction. Simply put, influence is all about lining up the right team members and sending them towards the same goal. PFB Connect is all about scoring results with our All-Star team.



We will show you how to develop your business using the tools and influence we provide through strategy and connections that allow you to stand out in the market. PFB Connect’s influence is far and wide reaching, giving us the ability to work in various industries while never missing a step. Patty’s experience growing businesses makes her one of the best when it comes to development and she has the track record to prove it.


Find out what drives someone and then you can take them anywhere. Patty fully embodies this method of thinking and it shows in what she accomplishes. She has the ability to listen, learn, and lead, influencing crucial strategic players and pushing your business forward through relationships