Introductions to Key Players Who Can Make Things Happen


PFB Connect can provide your business with opportunities to network with other companies and influential people who can aid in the growth and success of your firm. We have connections with both public and private executives and organizations that will help accelerate your connections to a network that aligns with your business goals.


Years of experience in business development and public relations has connected us to many key leaders. PFB Connect can facilitate communication with these individuals and groups to expedite successful implementation and follow-through with your business strategy. One of our greatest values is Patty’s amazing ability to leverage her relationships and work with a wide variety of people. This clear communication style, coupled with the ability to identify purposeful connections, is what sets PFB apart from the competition.


PFB Connect will aid you in building lasting relationships with key leaders for future business enhancement even after you have sustained business growth. These relationships will prove beneficial, if and when you decide to sell, or even buy a new business venture. Our business development skills, combined with mergers and acquisitions knowledge and relationships, enable us to identify opportunities to assist and accelerate the selling/buying process. Relationships are key to this entire process, hence our focus on making the right connections.